Are Water Softeners Worth It in 2021?


As the unsung heroes of the modern home, water softeners aren’t often at the forefront of our minds.  Yet whether you are purchasing a new home and choosing options, or looking to improve your old home, you might suddenly be wondering if a softener is worth the cost. What does a water softener do, anyway? […]

Water Softeners: How They Can Keep Your Hair and Skin Healthy

Water Softening St George Utah USA

You take skin and haircare very seriously, but why not take it further? Keep reading to find out how water softeners can keep you looking your best.  Soft Water Deep-Cleans Hair Soft water can better penetrate the hair follicle than hard water, meaning that you’ll get a better, deeper clean that will leave your hair […]

Water Softeners: How Do They Work?

Water Softeners: How Do They Work?

Frequently found in homes throughout southern Utah, water softeners are one of those modern day appliances that we often don’t give much thought to.  Sure, they require some maintenance, and every so often you’ve got to add some salt. The rest of the time, though, they’re simply present in the background, adding convenience and comfort […]