If you live in the state of Utah, chances are you’ve heard soft water mentioned, and you’re probably wondering about its benefits. 

Or maybe you’ve passed water softeners on display when you exit the membership warehouse. For the uninitiated, this topic can be perplexing. Let’s break down what makes water hard or soft, why it matters to you, and what you can do about it.

What Does Water Hardness Even Mean?

Given that water is a fluid, it seems counterintuitive that it could be labeled “hard” or “soft.” We all know that the chemical makeup of water is H2O, with two hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom. Yet, water is rarely found in this perfectly pure form, and there are usually trace minerals present. That’s right, even though water is clear to the naked eye, there are plenty of naturally occurring particles present. Two of the most common are calcium and magnesium, and it is the level of these minerals that determines how hard or soft the water is. Hard water has higher levels of calcium and magnesium, while water that is soft tends to have less of those minerals and more sodium, or salts. You can easily determine whether your water is hard or soft by having it tested.

How Does Soft Water Benefit You?

Water is a basic necessity and is a huge part of our lives every day. From drinking and cooking, to washing and bathing, we are constantly using water for all of life’s mundane activities. The quality of the water in our homes can have a big impact on many facets of daily life. Here are some of the perks of using softened water:

While none of these benefits may seem dire, their cumulative effect over time can be substantial. As trace minerals build up in pipes, a whole host of issues can arise. Water pressure changes due to narrowed pipes can lead to leaks and breaks within the plumbing, resulting in costly repairs down the line. Another money-saving aspect of using a water softener is that washing machines and dishwashers will function more efficiently, requiring less water and no re-washing. All of these things are good news for your wallet.

Stubbs Soft Water Can Help You Make the Switch

Now that you’ve explored all the positives of turning your hard water to soft, you’ll need a great water softening system to do the job. At Stubbs Soft Water, we provide excellent service to homes throughout Southern Utah, from Washington to Santa Clara, St. George to Orderville. We’ll help you determine which product is best for your home and your needs, taking all the guesswork out of choosing a water softener. Give us a call at 435-313-5131 or contact us online to get started today!

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