Between glass shower doors, mirrors, and windows, keeping the surfaces in your home free from hard water stains can be a full-time job.

It is nearly impossible to keep your glass surfaces clean and free from smudges and spots 100% of the time. Whether it’s the humid, moist air, the constant slashes and sprays of the shower or sprinklers, and the residue of countless products, the glass in your house doesn’t stand a chance against hard water residue without a softener. Thankfully, you can use a few methods to get your mirrors, windows, and glass shower doors to look crystal clear.

Learn more about how to remove hard water stains below.

The Best Ways to Remove Hard Water Stains

There are many ways to remove hard water residue, but here are three of our favorite methods:

White Vinegar Method

If you want an effective, non-toxic method, you’ll want to give this a try. While white vinegar is gentle enough for your family and the surfaces of your home, it is strong enough to tackle stubborn hard water stains. To remove even the toughest of stains, mix one-part water and one to two parts vinegar.

Spray an ample amount of the mixture onto a clean, terry cloth towel and begin to scrub the glass gently. The knobby texture of the cloth works with the vinegar to break down the mineral buildup on the glass surface. After the entire surface is saturated with the mixture, allow it to sit for a while, but not long enough for it to dry (which can lead to even more spots). Once you’re ready, rinse and wipe the glass with a squeegee and dry with a clean, microfiber cloth. If you need additional stain-lifting power, sprinkle some baking soda on the stained area after the water-vinegar mixture.

Lemon Method

Another powerful, effective, and non-toxic method is lemons. Lemons are acidic and can break down mineral buildup and stains, much like vinegar. Add lemon juice and water together in a spray bottle, spray onto a towel, and apply the mixture to the affected area. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can use half of a lemon and directly wipe the fruit all over the glass. Allow the solution to sit for a minute or two before rinsing and wiping dry.

Keep in mind that fresh lemons are much more effective than bottled juice you can buy at the store. Additionally, if you want easy-to-juice lemons, firmly press and roll your lemons on your countertop for a few minutes before cutting into them.

Using Store-Bought Products

For whatever reason, if you don’t want to use a homemade product, there are countless products that you can buy at your local home improvement store or grocery store. If you choose to go this route, make sure to follow the directions closely and verify that the product is safe to use on the surfaces in your home.

Avoid Hard Water Stains and Contact Stubbs Soft Water

Hard water stains can be challenging to tackle, but you won’t need to worry about them with a water softener from Stubbs Soft Water. With a combination of our skills, experience, knowledge, and methods, we’re confident that we will provide a superior and affordable solution for all of your water softening needs. We proudly serve Southern Utah, including St. George, Cedar City, and everywhere in between. Contact us today to learn more.

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