If you have lived in Utah for any length of time, chances are good you’ve needed to remove hard water from your home in some way. 

No matter which part of the state you live in or whether you rent or own, hard water is something all of us will have to deal with at some point in time. Here is the best way to remove stains and deposits from hard water.

What Is Hard Water, Anyway?

Although it’s a common term, you might be wondering what hard water even means. In its pure chemical form, water is composed of the two hydrogen and oxygen atoms that form the familiar H20 molecule. While this is the basis of water, it is rarely found in this pure form, and water typically has some minerals. The most common of these are calcium and magnesium, and these are the two minerals responsible for water hardness. The scale of water hardness simply measures how much calcium and magnesium are found in the water. The more minerals present in the water, the harder the water.

Why Should You Care?

Hard water doesn’t pose any threat to your health, so why should you be concerned about it? Beyond the annoyance of extra soap scum on your shower door, or filmy glasses, it may not seem like a problem you need to address. The truth is that hard water can cause damage to your home if left untreated. Hard water deposits can be especially detrimental when it comes to the pipes and plumbing in your home. Over time, as mineral deposits accumulate, lines can become constricted, and corrosion can occur. All of that adds up to more significant problems and costly repairs down the road.

Household Remedies to Remove Hard Water

Several standard household products effectively remove hard water stains and deposits from surfaces around your home. If you notice a film on your glass or buildup in your toilet bowl, here are some remedies to try:

Stubbs Soft Water Can Help Prevent Hard Water Problems

You can avoid having to remove hard water stains by preventing them in the first place. At Stubbs Soft Water, we provide expert installation and service for all your water softening needs. Providing service throughout Southern Utah, we can help whether you live in St. George, Cedar City, or Hurricane. Give us a call at 435-313-5131 or contact us online to install a quality water softener in your home!

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